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Monday, September 10, 2012.

So some of you may be wondering why there haven't been any posts since August...

Well, due to that pesky thing called Real Life many of the reviewers have had to leave us. So I'm trying desperately to restaff the blog. This takes some time, but we're hoping to be up and running by  the week after next with at least two new faces on staff.

We still need help though. So if your interested in joining us now is the time! We're looking for both reviewers and people to work behind the scenes...or well, screen... All you need to do is send me an email at twficreviews@yahoo.com to let me know what position you'd like to apply for! It's really that simple. If you'd like to review but wouldn't mind helping out behind the screen as well, be sure to let me know. Here's the postions that are open...

Reviewer Positions - Each reviewer typically posts once every other week (that's if we're fully staffed. While we're down a few positions it might be once every week). I estimate it only taking about an hour or two a week, not including the time it would take you to read the stories.

~Cullen Lovin - non-canon~
~Cullen Lovin - non-canon~
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~Dash of Slash~
~Running with the wolves - Canon~

Behind the Screen Positions

~Calandar Coordinator~ This position involves keeping the review schedule up to date as well as sending out an email once a month with the schedule to the staff. This would more than likely only take about an hour each month. Access to google calandar required.

~Affliate Master~ This person would be responsible for dealing with our affiliates. Making sure that they are listed on the blog, as well as tweeted out by our twitter account. They would also be in charge of picking an affiliate to promote once a week and write up a short post about them every friday. This would more than likely take about 2-3 hours each week. No expereince required. I can teach you everything you'll need to know.

~Contest Guru~ If you have some ideas for a writing contest but haven't been able to put them down on paper this is the spot for you. This person would be responsible for any contest that the site might host. This would include the intial idea (though it would need approval first). Writing all of the posts on the blog about the contest for example a list of the rules, inspiration, a reminder post when time is running out for submissions, things of that nature. It would also involve posting the stories as they are recieved, setting up voting, and then announcing the winners. I know it sounds like a lot of work but you wouldn't be alone, you'd be working along side of me through the whole thing. No prior contest hosting experience is required.


Bones by Conorlovegood

Sunday, August 12, 2012.

Bones by Conorlovegood

Jasper is afraid of change until he falls for someone worth jumping for. Rated M
Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Edward/Jasper
This is the story of Jasper Whitlock, he has endured so much hurt in his life and then finally finds a person who truly makes him happy and shows him that true love is real. Jasper has been abused and tormented for most of his life by his bully of a father. His mother has been no better, just turning a blind eye to the many abuses. The only one that seemed to care was his sister. When she died she left her newborn daughter in his care. When he meets Edward, his life begins to slowly change.
The story starts out with Edward worriedly explaining to Jasper that the time has come to meet his parents. Fearing that Jasper won't be able to handle it, he's hesitant to tell him. Jasper has faith in Edward but his own insecurities wont let him just go and meet them quite so easily.
"We've been summoned," he said solemnly, sighing again before continuing, "by my mother." I laughed hard and the tension I'd been building dissipated. His frown deepened before he raised an eyebrow and questioned me. "I thought you weren't ready, love?"
"To tell my parents, not to meet yours," I answered, tracing the frown lines that marred his beautiful features. They disappeared under my fingertips, so I slid them down to the corner of his lip coaxing him into a crooked smile.
"You're bluffing, you can't fool me, Jasper Whitlock," he muttered darkly.
"Yes, but I'll bluff for them too, if it will take your fear away," I promised sincerely, ignoring images of the typical family greeting and suppressing a shudder.
"There's more," he continued, his eyebrows knitting back together and his tone more delicate.
"We've been invited tonight." He gritted his teeth and pulled his lips back from them in a tense grin.
I wasn't prepared for that, a month I could manage, a week I would survive, but not five or six hours. Pulling away from him, I started weaving patterns in the carpet as I paced, a breaking a sweat as I incoherently mumbled encouragement to myself, switching effortlessly from doubt to confidence. Finally landing on skepticism, I turned back to face him. He'd settled into his chair and I idly wondered how long I'd left him in the lurch while I'd been lost in my own thoughts.
"I can't," I finally breathed unable to control the break in my voice, fearful my words would hurt him.
He smiled sadly and held out a hand in invitation. "I know," he returned.
I closed the distance and laced my fingers with his, watching as his other hand made quick work of clearing the books and paperwork fanned out around him in organised chaos, then he spread his legs to make space for me. Perching between them, I gradually relaxed back into him as he soothed my worries away.
"It's okay, Jasper, when you're ready," he murmured pressing a kiss to my temple.

Edward is endlessly encouraging, warm, loving, and just accepting of all of Jasper's problems. Jasper isn't able to eat comfortably in front of other people, the thought of going to meet Edward's family is absolutely terrifying to him. But the thought of possibly losing Edward for something so small is just not an option. He loves Edward, even if he's not able to say the words to him. Edward is always throwing him a lifeline, and he seems so surprised to know someone could care so much for him. Edward does, he loves Jasper completely, and is willing to do whatever it takes to bring him some happiness. Even if that means helping him along to finally meet his parents....

"As soon as he left, guilt washed over me with no mercy. It was my fault he was heading into his family's party empty handed with nothing to show for weeks of neglecting them to lavish attention on me. I should be at his side. I was letting him down. I was worthless.
I didn't bother to fight off the thoughts, submitting to them instead, allowing them to consume me and take control. How could he possibly want me after letting him down like this? What use would I be to him when I could barely manage to fake pleasantries on short notice? He deserved better.
I allowed that thought to take hold, imagining how he would breakup with me when he realised I wasn't worth the effort, the guilt I was feeling reflected perfectly in his eyes as he extracted me from his life. I wouldn't put him through that, he didn't need to feel guilt for leaving me. I was broken and it wasn't his job to hold me together. I would leave while I had the chance, I wouldn't make him watch me pack. I drew all the thoughts together, using them to fuel the fire. I'd need the energy if I was going to act quickly. They boiled, pushing me up and out of bed.
A loud beep distracted me and I sighed, reaching out for my phone as the thoughts fell back to a simmer.
Keep my bed warm, get some sleep, I love you
Edward was throwing me a life line. Just like that, the thoughts retreated, not disappearing, but fading into the background. I read and reread, feeding a new flame. He loved me so much that my not going to the party was okay. I played his words in my head over again and again, and I realised I loved him so much that going would be okay. Repeating it to myself like a mantra, I drove myself forward in search of clothes. Not finding anything as easily as I'd hoped, I headed for the dryer in a last dash attempt of my new plan falling into place. The cycle had finished and I opened it, reaching around in the dark, searching more for a sign than an outfit. I pulled out the contents and found my favourite black jeans, black underwear, a white shirt and a pullover, even a pair of socks. A full outfit.
He'd known."

Some of Jasper's childhood is told in flashbacks, it's absolutely heartbreaking. The only good he seemed to have in his life was his sister. When he loses his sister he feels like his world will end, taking care of her baby changes that. He is so sweet and loving to Pepper, willing to do whatever it takes to keep her happy and make every dream come true. Edward soon shares his love for his daughter and wants them to all be happy together. When Edward surprises Jasper on New Years Eve, he shows how much he loves Jasper and thinks of him constantly. His willingness to go and meet Jasper's parents despite knowing how Jasper was treated is a huge undertaking. Seeing Jasper's father treat Jasper so coldly and cruelly is something Edward can't just sit back and ignore.

When you read this story, it's hard to think of someone as sweet as Jasper treated as badly as he was...and still is by his father. He has almost a childlike innocence to him. But seeing how Edward showers him with love and understanding is such a treat. The way Jasper takes care of his daughter is so achingly sweet, he's such a good Daddy to her. Jasper has problems that we're just beginning to get a glimpse of, but I'm sure in the end they'll end up a happy family together.

This story is only four chapters in, but each chapter is so good, and really emotionally charged. This is the first story for Conorlovegood and so far he's doing a great job. He and his partner are expecting a new little nugget soon so please be patient with updates the next few weeks...or months. Check this story out, if you love a good, angsty, love story you won't be disappointed.


If On A Winter's Night by Touchstone67

Sunday, July 29, 2012.

If On a Winters Night by Touchston67

One fateful, winter's night, Edward and Jasper's lives are turned upside down. Is their relationship strong enough to withstand the aftermath, or will they be driven apart forever? Rated M for sexual situations, language. AH J/E slash
Rated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Romance - Jasper & Edward

What if on a winters night something happened that changed your life? Every hope, every dream, every plan that you made for your future changed in an instant. What if if didn't just affect you, but the person you loved more than anything else in this world? What if you weren't sure you were willing to even try to live this new life you had been handed? What if the person that you felt so much love for, was unwilling to let you give up, would you let him help you?

This story starts out with Edward leaving work, he's in a hurry to get to Jasper's house to spend New Years Eve together. They've decided that this will be the first time they make love. They've been together about two years, but neither were ready until now. On the way there, Edward is in a horrible accident, he's seriously injured and is in the hospital for weeks. He finds out that he's paralyzed from the waist down and may be for the rest of his life. He decides that he can't let Jasper live like that for the rest of his life, he tells him not to visit and to stay away. Jasper doesn't listen, he loves him too much. He sneaks into his room every night and spends a few minutes just watching Edward, talking to him and playing him music. He loves him so much, it's not possible for him to even think about giving up on him.

I've read this story twice, it's truly one of my favorites, I love the characters, and I love the incredible story. Jasper is sweet, he's caring, loving and very determined to show Edward they can still have a life together no matter what. As for Edward, we start out with him in a very dark place, he feels so alone and just doesn't see the point in changing that. Jasper does change that, with his love. Suddenly Edward is trying as hard as he can to regain as much of his old life as he can. His constant battles with "the darkness" that always seems to be looming in a dark corner, is absolutely heartbreaking. In a way Edward punishes himself by not letting Jasper love him, by denying his love, he soon realizes that he needs Jasper, just as much as Jasper needs him.

"Jasper had once been my savior, my hero. He had proven his bravery when he had kissed me in the pool that night, taking that chance on an uncommon love. Now he caused nothing but agony so strong it took my limp, shallow breath away. My heart that had once been full and bursting with his love had become a small shriveled muscle filled with more pain than I felt in the crippled body that housed my angry, broken soul. The waters were troubled, there was no life raft for us, no bridge to cross and get us safely to the other side. I was going to drown him, it was only a matter of time.

I grabbed my iPod and put in the earbuds. Scrolling through the list of songs, I settled on our song, turning the volume up and drowning out everything around me. The song played over and over as I slowly drifted back to sleep, tears drying on my cheeks. No matter how much I denied it, his love was an echo in my heart, the faint thumping still there buried under the darkness."

Throughout the story the boys have so many symbols of their love. They both love The Beatles and are constantly listening to their music. They can always find a Beatles song that represents what problems or blessings they are living at the moment. Jasper is a runner and decides he's going to help raise money to help Edward buy a handicap accessible van. It's a half marathon, more than twice what he's used to running, he trains constantly and with all the love and passion he has for Edward you just know he's going to succeed. He also encourages Edward to play on a wheelchair basketball team, something that at first Edward fights, but soon grows to love. It takes Jasper a while to break down the walls Edward has erected around his heart. He truly believes no one will want him anymore, and that Jasper is better off without him. When he finally lets Jasper in, it's so heart wrenching.

"Let me decide what is and isn't good for me."

The room was silent and we were still. Just like on our first date, time seemed to stop for us as he considered my words. His thighs felt warm beneath my cheek, the flannel of his pajama pants soft against my skin. Gripping his tee shirt, I pulled myself impossibly closer. I was about to give up hope, thinking I had failed us again, when I felt long fingers tentatively weaving through my curls, caressing the ends gently. Remaining completely still, my breath caught when I felt his hand leave my hair, but it returned a second later. He separated the waves, twisted them around his fingers and let them slide through, always gentle and light.

"Just like silk," he murmured.

My heart began to pound again, but for an entirely different reason.

It now pounded with hope.

A hope I was beginning to think long since dead. A hope I hadn't felt in weeks.

Perhaps being a dreamer wasn't so bad after all, maybe it was what had kept me coming back all those bleak days.

"Why do you still wear it?" he asked, and I knew exactly what he was talking about. The bracelet was still clasped on my wrist, regardless of what had happened, it wasn't going anywhere.

"Because I promised you I'd never take it off," I quoted myself from the day before.

"Stupid asshole," he whispered above me. "I'm nothing but a broken body housing a black soul."

When I lifted my head to look at him, his fingers stayed buried my curls. Tears sat on the rims of his eyes, but he refused to let them fall. Broken body or not, he was stronger than before, maybe even stronger than he had been before the accident, and he had absolutely no idea how fucking brave he was.

How much of a hero he was in my eyes.

"You're everything, Edward," I told him, my hands moving to his thighs. He shook his head, closing his eyes as he fought his emotions. I captured one of his hands and brought it to my face, placing his palm flat on my cheek. "Baby, if I thought there wasn't something worth fighting for I would have left long ago."

When he opened his eyes, I saw the battle that had been waged. They were dark and stormy, turmoil and anguish flooding them until it spilled onto his cheeks. There was no sobbing, no wailing, or even sniffling, just silent tears falling as he let a slow smile cross his face. Beneath my hand, his thumb began to stroke my cheek.

"I'm tired of trying to stay away from you," he admitted softly.

I returned his smile.

"Then don't."

Touchstone67 just recently started updating again, we're nearing the end with less than 10 chapters left. While I'll be sad to see it end, I can't wait to see where Edward and Jasper's life leads them. This is such a good story, well written, heartbreakingly sad, and overwhelmingly happy. The angst level on this story is high, but it is so worth it. The last update was so good, literally had me cheering at the end and of course wanting more. I'm so anxious to see how the story ends, the boys story is far from over. If you only read one slash story, read this one, you'll be hooked.


Destination by Kerrfrano

Tuesday, July 17, 2012.
Destination by Kerrfrano
After six months of self discovery Jasper boards a plane to head back to a life he doesn't want, where he meets Edward. Will their destinations take them to the same place? E&J Rated M Please R&R
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Angst - Edward & Jasper - Chapters: 17
This story starts out with Edward noticing Jasper at the Sydney airport. They've both been in Australia for an extended time but both are there for far different reasons. Jasper has spent 6 months there trying to find himself, trying figure out just what he wants out of life. He has lived the life his parents wanted him to live and he can't do it anymore. He's gay, and he's pretty sure when he tells his parents they wont want anything to do with him again. This is really hard for him to take since his family is everything to him. He comes to the conclusion that all he really needs is his twin sister Rosalie. He decided it was time to go home when he missed his family so bad he couldn't go on anymore.
Edward is there working, though he doesn't want to tell Jasper that. He's immediately drawn to Jasper at the airport and can't resist talking to him, but he wont tell him his name and doesn't want to know Jasper's. They end up at opposite ends of the plane, but during the flight Edward can't stop himself from seeking out Jasper. There's so much primal, instant attraction than neither of them can resist. Even if they're together for a short time.....
"Reaching out I grabbed his hand and pulled him back down to me. He wasn't going to leave me again, I couldn't let him. I needed to be with him for as long as possible even if it was for just the length of this flight. What I had started to feel for him in this small amount of time, I knew that I wouldn't be getting over anytime soon. It was an instant, overpowering compulsion to have him with me the rest of my life. I was a firm believer in lust at first sight, but this went way beyond that. Could this be what they talk about when discussing love at first sight? I wondered. Was I falling in love with this stunning creature in front of me? I guess only time could answer that.
I looked up into his face and said with complete honesty "Don't leave...please."
"Oh, thank God," he whispered. "I thought I had come on too strong. This isn't something I normally do."
"I am extremely happy you did." I confessed, feeling the heat rise in my cheeks."

Once they land in Los Angeles Edward cant bear to let Jasper go, he asks him to go to his place. But something in the way he acts in public seems off to Jasper. He gets a sense that Edward's not out. He's not sure if that's something he's willing to deal with. But he is so attracted to Edward that that's all he can think about, and the thought of leaving him now is not acceptable. He's not completely comfortable with the situation when they finally arrive at Edwards apartment. Things change as soon as the door closes and they can't keep their hands off each other. They spend an incredible 24 hours together, but at the end of it Jasper leaves before Edward can wake. He leaves Edward a note, something that ends up meaning more than anything to Edward. Something that gives him hope when he has none left. When he doubts that what they had was real, he reads the note, and all those emotions flood him again....

"Beautiful E,

Words can't even describe how much these last twenty-four hours have meant to me. You have given me the strength to go home and finally be true to myself and my family.

I will always remember you and everything we had together. Maybe in a different situation or alternate reality you and I could have explored this more and been each others' life's passion.

Thank you for everything..... I will never forget it.

Just know that you will always have a small piece of my heart.


Jasper W. Hale."

Months later, they meet again...with a little help from Alice. And once again, after a very tense conversation, they find themselves together. They're happy, both of them. Happier than either has ever been. They spend two beautiful weeks together. Spending every minute they can together. At the end of the two weeks Jasper whispers his love for Edward. While Edward feels the same, he's scared. Scared that someone might find out about his love, scared that someone might find out about Jasper, scared that someone might find out he's gay. So without really thinking about the consequence of his actions he packs everything and leaves Jasper.

This hurts both men so much, and makes a huge impact on both their lives. Jasper decides after a month that he's not going to grieve for their love another day. He starts writing, and soon has a novel that he wants to try to publish. Edward's career has remained the same, barely. He's lost weight, become withdrawn from his family, and struggles daily to find a reason to go on. Every thought is of how he blew it with Jasper.

Five years later, something big happens, Jasper's book has done really well. They want to make a movie out of it, and the actor they want to play the lead part is Edward Cullen. All this time Jasper never knew his name, never wanted to tempt himself by finding out more. Now he's faced with not only having to see Edward again, but having to work with him. He's not sure he can do that, or if he even wants to try.

This story is very captivating from the start. It's so obvious how much they care about each other. But it's painfully clear that they both have alot of skeletons in the closet. Things that didn't matter on a one night stand, mattered alot after 2 weeks together. I am so torn, I understand why Jasper would be so hurt. Edward was so cruel in how he handled things, or didn't handle them. But I understand why Edward would think he needed to do the things he did.

They're both such great characters, and their stories suck you in from the start. Not to mention when they're together, it's crazy hot. It's painful to see what they put themselves through, and they do essentially cause each other alot of pain. I can't wait to see what happens next, maybe they'll both finally be able to admit that both of their lives are better together than they have been apart. I want to see how they overcome everything, and I can't wait to see how happy they are together....if they'll let that happen.

Huge thank you to NisaCullen and Mynameisserendipity for pre-reading and to Mrs. Agget for beta'ing and all of her encouragement. You really need to check this story out, it's just too good to miss.

Between the Covers by @cosmogirl7481 & @Sydney_Alice

Monday, July 16, 2012.

Between the Covers
Rated M
WIP – Drabblish fic
Summary: Every day a different book. Every book a different message. As Bella deliberately works her way through the library, will Edward be able to read between the covers?

Link: Between the Covers 

If any of you know me, you know I love Cosmogirl’s stories.  Honestly, if you read any of her stories, you can’t go wrong.  When I found out she teamed up with Sydney Alice, another author who I admire and enjoy, I knew the story was going to be a good one.

Between the Covers starts out as an innocent little story about a well-read girl trying to garner the attention of the boy manning the counter at her local library.  Bella checks out a new book every day, with a hidden message in her choice.  She hopes the handsome guy will figure out the riddle behind her selections.

Edward is fascinated by the girl who reads a new book a day.  While he thinks she’s pretty and sexy, what really turns him on is that she is smart.  How else would someone be able to read an entire book in a day?  When the two finally start talking, sparks fly.

The story is told in alternating points of view, and I have to say, it is an intriguing read.   The most recent chapter feels like the tip of the iceberg of where this story is going.  I can already sense the steamy, sexy times ahead.  Bella has turned out to be more than the shy bookish girl she originally seemed to be.  She’s pushing all of Edward’s buttons and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

On another note
The Emerging Swan Awards

The Emerging Swan Awards are now accepting nominations

Please check out the site and nominate your favorite under-appreciated Twi-fics.

Until next time,


Angels and Demons by TheLittlePenguin.

Monday, July 9, 2012.

Pairing: BellaxEdward

Rating: T

Status: Complete


Angels and Demons by TheLittlePenguin.

Summary: When an angel and demon are given five years to be together, their time is cut short by the birth of their daughter.

For me, this fic is horrendously underappreciated. It has a good strong plot, a HEA, and a little dash (well a large dash) of suspense, drama and angst all mixed in together with a beautifully planned out romance.

Bella is an angel, and Edward is a demon. All of the characters from the books are split, either on the side of good, or evil. Notably, the Cullen’s are all angels, as are two of the volturi, whilst Caius and a few new characters are demons (which is fitting in his case).

We follow the tumultuous journey between Bella and Edward as they try to fight against heaven and hell respectively to be together, even going through death once again as they’re split apart.

The story rotates through different character’s POV’s, according to the particular plot twist that is taking place. It’s a nice change to read a story where Rosalie isn’t stone-cold and self-absorbed, but rather, understanding and caring and fulfilling her deepest desire to have a child.

"So," Aro said in a loud, clear voice. "You let her get away."

The council was seated in a circle, around the Water of Truth. Both Carlisle and Aro were standing, while Esme remained seated, watching her husband carefully. Alice's huge brown eyes were fixed upon mine. She nodded once, approving of my actions. Jasper remained rooted, confused. Emmett came to stand next to me, taking my hand.

"Yes," I replied.

Aro nodded, his wings glowing bright red - a sign of anger and fury.

"You do know that we are angels, Rosalie," He paced around the room, jaw clenching. "In this world, we dominate the sky. The land beneath belongs to the humans. And right below, where raw fire burns, are where demons thrive."

I nodded.

"So," He continued. "I am to assume, that you let our dearest Bella - an angel - run off with some..."

"Demon." I finished.

He looked at me sharply. "Yes. I'm glad you know who she took off with."

I could feel my wings flutter nervously behind me.

"You know that you're in the wrong?" Carlisle folded his arms.

"It is not wrong to let her go with a man she loves."

Aro laughed, echoing through the hollow walls. "Man? That must be quite an understatement."

"He may be a demon. But to Bella, he is a man whom she loves so much."

I heard him snort quietly.

"You can't keep her away from him," Alice interjected, her voice high and shiny.

"You have seen how much she had suffered when we locked her away," Emmett added. "She can't live without him. Just like how we can never live without the sun. She needs him."

Aro raised his eyebrow, uninterested. "Name of that...demon?"

"Edward," I answered.

We read as Bella and Edward find support in the strangest and most unexpected of places, and grow to appreciate and like characters who we’d normally hate because of their motivations in the books. Tanya is conflicted. She’s in love with Edward, yet knows and respects that he doesn’t return her feelings. And when it comes down to it, she does her best to ensure that he and Bella can be together.

Rosalie’s better side is strongly portrayed in this fic, and at times we even hate Edward and Bella because of it. They’re so focused on being together, they don’t take into account or care about the consequences their actions can potentially have, even when they’re ones that break your heart when you read them.

"Rosalie is coming down," She said casually. Her words shot me like knives, piercing through my skin. "An irony. She went to heaven because your son let her, Caius. And now, she has to come back...because of Bella."

I heard Tanya gasp quietly.

"Right from the beginning, you knew that when Bella falls into sin, Rosalie's soul will be damned into hell. That was the agreement you and Carlisle had."

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying to keep my voice in control.

She turned to me, her slender figure coming to life after being a statue for a long time. "When Bella was born, she was cursed - that if she ever sinned, she would pay with her life. Desperate, Esme went down to Earth, in search of somebody who could atone for her daughter's sins.

"Rosalie was born on the same day, at the same time. Esme, at her wit's end, picked her, and brought her to Aro, stating that whatever sins Bella commits, Rosalie will pay by going to hell for seven weeks."

Alice’s loyalty is highlighted, as is Jasper’s strength and compassion for other’s. Emmett is burly and strong, yet he still holds that sense of playfulness as he and Rosalie prepare for the arrival of their child.

We read with happiness and sadness, laughter and excitement as Bella and Edward survive each obstacle and come out stronger; proving time and again that they should be allowed to love each other, despite their intrinsic differences. And we cheer when the council finally agree, though their success holds a bittersweet tinge for other characters we grow to love.

Jasper stood up. "Aunt," He said in a gentle voice. "I understand that you come with all good intention - but I fear that Bella has to remain."

"And why is that?"

"She is the angel of peace and protection. If she leaves..." He shook his head and pursed his lips.

My mind worked fast. Jasper was right - extremely right. She could not leave her duties. Aro watched me with cautious eyes.

"And..." He continued. "I don't want my sister to go to hell."

"Give me three human years," I said finally. "I will return her to you on the last day of the third year."

Aro turned to Esme and Carlisle. "It is a fair request."

Esme bent her head in defeat, sighing. Alice smiled gratefully. Carlisle and Jasper nodded, agreeing.

"Then it is set," Aro announced. "She will be a mortal for three years before she comes back. But, should anything happen during those years, she will have to regain her seat in the council again."

"I understand."

"As for Rosalie..." He said in a grave voice. "Her time has come."


"Why didn't you tell me?" Emmett whispered.

"What could you have done?" I asked, tears welling in my eyes. "Could you have stopped anything?"

He fell to his knees before me. My heart shattered when tears - crystals - rolled down his cheeks. He pressed his lips to my hands. What would life be without him? Would I survive? Could I still breathe without him by my side?

"Don't go," He begged. "Please, Rose. I'm sorry, I'm sorry to have shouted at you. I'm sorry to have hit you. Please stay."

I stroked his hair. "Take care of Danny, Emmett. He is important."

"No, no, no! Don't go!"

"I will come back. It is a promise."

I knelt down, and wound my arms around his neck. He clung on to me desperately, sobbing hard now.


"I love you, Emmett. No matter what happens, my heart will always be with you."

He shook his head, pulling me tighter to him.

The sky was almost dark.

"It's time," I whispered.

"Please! Rose! Please!"

"Three years. When Bella comes back, so will I."

Daniel's wailing got louder and louder. The door opened, and Jasper came in, with my little boy crying hard. I reached out for him, and Emmett moved away, standing by the corner of the room, his body heaving.

"Mummy will be back soon, Danny," I kissed his cheek, blinking tears back.

He screamed louder and I stood up, walking towards Emmett.

"Be good and listen to Daddy," I pressed my nose against his wet cheek.

Emmett reached out for him, but he wrapped his little fingers around my dress, not wanting to let go.

"Mummy will be back, dearest," I hugged the both of them, wishing that there was no such thing as time in the world.

"Mummy!" He wailed as I pulled away. Emmett closed his eyes, turning around.

I ran out of my chambers, out to where Sulpicia was standing. She took my hand carefully, and we walked.

Away from the heavens. Away from Emmett.

After being given three years to be together, it finally seems as though everything may be starting to fall into place for Bella and Edward, but of course, there are a few more twists that keep us on our toes. Diseases, deaths, births, they catch us off-guard and take your breath away, making you want to finish reading the current chapter as quickly as possible so you can move onto the next one.

But despite the trials they all go through, like a family, they support and help each other to stand strong, leading to an ending that has you gripping the edge of your seat!


Something Just For Me by Twilightobsessed09

Sunday, July 8, 2012.
Something Just For Me by Twilightobsessed09
Jasper Whitlock spent his life doing what others wanted. When he finally breaks free, he finds love in an unusual place. AU/AH, slash, mature themes.
Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Jasper & Edward

This was the first story I read by Twilightobsessed, I ended up staying up way too late reading it. It just totally sucked me in. It starts out with Jasper in the shower, always a good way to start a story. He's with a man, and they can't seem to get enough of each other. He keeps pulling away, something keeps holding him back. What's holding him back is that his whole life is a lie..
Life is not how it seems for Jasper Whitlock, heir to the Whitlock fortune. His life should be perfect, but it's far from that. His parents are unwilling to accept that he's gay, claiming it's a "phase" he's going through. His mother has conspired with Alice Brandon thinking that if he's with her, eventually he'll get over his attraction to men. That couldn't be further from the truth. Jasper's life is a nightmare for him. He's constantly trying to keep up appearances, his mother and father refuse to let him live the life he wants. His only ally is his grandfather. He just wants Jasper to be happy and to stop trying to make everyone else happy. Jasper's even gone along with Alice being his girlfriend, something that he resents but is unwilling to end for the sake of his parents.
With his life beyond his control, the only time he's truely happy is in his fantasies and dreams. There he's free to be with whoever he wants to be with, and it's not Alice...
"One thing that always bothered me about the dream was that I could never see his face clearly, his eyes were always pronounced, but his face was a blurry mystery. Each time I tried to look at it, he would shift and the sun would then glare into my eyes, forcing me to close them. He always rode me hard as I lay back, gliding my hands up and down his strong body. I would place my hands on his hips, pushing him down on me and groaning as his tight hole trapped my dick into him. We would give over to our passion and when we reached our pinnacle, we would soar over the edge together with him shouting his love for me. He would always lie against me, whispering, "I love you, Jasper."
Right now, he's on top of me, not Alice. It's his deep voice that's moaning my name. It's his strong thighs that grip mine as he rides me. I grab a hold of him and thrust up, hard. I flip him over and wildly pump my cock into him while he hollers and begs for more. Between his voice and the movement of his body, my orgasm then rockets through me. However, what hurts the most is that when I finally open my eyes, I'm not greeted with the sight of him instead it's Alice's face and lips that are on mine.
With a sigh, I ease myself out of her, falling back against my pillow and closing my eyes.
"Oh, Jazzy, that was fantastic," she says. "See, a little bit of me day by day and you'll forget all about this silly gay business." My skin crawls as she absentmindedly circles my nipple with her finger, but I say nothing.
"Excuse me," I reply, getting up abruptly and walking naked to the bathroom, shutting the door
behind me."

Jasper has a great friend in Jake, he's been there for him through alot of tough times. He totally supports Jasper and just wants him to be happy. He hates Alice and isn't afraid to show it. Which amuses Jasper greatly. He has so few people in his life that really know him, he appreciates Jake's friendship immensly and knows he can always count on him. Since Jakes' family is in busines with Jasper's he's always around to run interferance against Alice, and he helps make sure Jasper gets to have some experiences as a gay man.....

"Alice hates Jake as much as he hates her. It makes me laugh whenever they're around one another. She looks like a feral cat about to attack, while Jake growls at her like a rabid dog. It's a sight to behold.

Jake is responsible for a lot of my experiences, and I'll forever be grateful as I don't know where I would've been without him.

He took me to my first gay club and danced with me, when I got scared and wanted to chicken out. He stayed there on the dance floor with me, bumping and grinding along with me until we got the attention of the others.

He was there for me after I had sex with a man for the first time. When I called, he came over and held me while I cried. I had topped as I still do, but the experience was overwhelming and I was filled with so much emotion that I couldn't process it without help, and the first person that came to mind was him. I couldn't share that with my grandfather so the next best thing was Jake."

After a day of having sex with Alice that he doesn't want, attending a party that his parents have forced him to go to. Jasper's had enough. He leaves the party and just drives, he ends up in a bad part of town. At first he just wants to find a way out of there, there's prostitues everywhere. Cars driving slowly and checking them out. The he sees someone who catches his attention. He can't stop himself from going over to meet him....

"Not wanting to be here any longer, I start to speed up, but before I can get out of there, he comes into view. He's breathtaking. I can feel my heart skip a beat as my cock twitches in my pants at the sight of him.

He's beautiful.

Dressed in a white t-shirt and faded jeans, he stands there laughing with a girl and when he steps out under the streetlight, it only proves to help me see his beauty even more. I slow to a stop and watched them interact. They seem to be friends and as I watch them, I still can't get over how staggeringly handsome he is.

Tall, lean yet with a muscular physique with a delectable ass I get to see better when he leans forward to whisper something in her ear. My cock is hard and pushing against the seam of my pants waiting to be freed from its confines. All I think about when I look at him, is how can I get him into my bed?"

This is how Jasper meets Edward, they end up back and Jasper's house and spend the night together. It's more intimate than either of them expect. They can't get enough of each other, and they're both torn when it's time for Edward to leave. Edward has an even worse family life than Jasper. His parents kicked him out after catching him with a boy. They didn't think twice about making him pack a bag and shipping him off on his own. Since he was still a teenager, he had no idea how to take care of himself. He had no job experience, only a high school education, and he was homeless. Luckily Tanya found him. She has truely been his guardian angel, she made sure he had food and a roof over his head. She never pushed him to sell himself, but he felt he had no other choice.

This is a great story, both of their stories separately are heartbreaking. But when they start to see each other for who they really are, the story just gets so much better. There's just so much standing in the way of them getting together, and I think at first they both are afraid to hope that they can actually have what they want. Luckily they both find the will to do whatever it takes to be together. I thought at first it would be a story of Jasper picking up a hooker and just using him, and trying to hide him from his real life. That's not this story at all, sometimes good things can happen to people that have been made to believe they're getting what they deserve. In this story good things happen when two people are willing to take a chance on a seemingly impossible love.

Take a chance and read this one, you won't be disappointed you'll just want more. Thanks to abbymickey24 & vbfb1 for prereading, beanothercullen for betaing, and vbfb1 for making the beautiful banner.

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