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Fallen Angel by Jaydogrut

Sunday, May 6, 2012.

Fallen Angel By: Jaydogrut         Sequel to For the Love of an Angel. Edward and Jasper have a choice. Live together in eternity or give life on Earth another chance. Will destiny tear them apart again or could they live HEA?

Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort Edward/Jasper WIP

This story is the second of Jaydogrut's Angel series. The first is For the Love of an Angel, it's a beautifully written, tragic story of loss and undying love. It's not necessary to read it first, but it's really good so why not. This story is Edward and Jasper's second chance at love. The love they had was very strong and when tragedy struck, neither were able to let go. With some help from their guardian angel Emmett they get to try again at making a life together. The story starts with them faced with a huge decision, stay in the afterlife and be together, or take the chance of reliving their lives and hope that they meet and fall in love again. I think you know what they decide. They decide they want to live again, and with any luck find each other again.

The only problem is they don't remember each other, that was part of the deal. They definitely have a few obstacles to overcome, one of them being that Edward is dating Bella. He has never thought of being with a boy at all, so these thoughts of Jasper are all foreign to him. Soon he's obsessed with Jasper, he can't stop thinking of him all the time. Which leads to him and Bella breaking up. Something he's not all that heartbroken about, but he does feel guilty. Now he can focus totally on Jasper, but is that what he truly wants, is he ready for all that comes with admitting he's falling for another boy?

Jasper has his own problems, he has a great relationship with his sister Alice. She's loving, supportive, and only wants the best for him. His parents are a totally different story, his father is very homophobic, and extremely vocal about it. His mother is very submissive and does whatever his father tells her to. Even if that means deserting her son. When Jasper's father finds some boy porn in his room, it all goes bad for Jasper at home....

"We have to talk," his voice was stern; demanding. My father scared me, and he knew it.

I sat and crossed my legs, slowly tapping my knees in a morbid anticipation.

"Are you gay?" Just the words angered him; I could tell. My father's homophobia was well known, and not a day goes by where he doesn't make it known.

"Why do you ask?" I tried to remain as calm as possible.

"I found this!" He stood and threw a magazine at me. I had no time to move as the spine of the book hit me square in the nose. Tears filled my eyes. Alice's scream filled my ears. A sudden warm gush flowed over my lips. I knew what was happening as pain shot through my face and into the depths of my mind. Gravity pulled me into the darkness."

Jasper's father is incredibly cruel, and Jasper realizes he can't stay in his house any longer. He leaves. He tells Alice not to worry he'll stay with Emmett, who has already told him he's welcome to live there. Emmett knows this isn't going to be an easy time for either boy. He's really stuck, he's allowed to help, but not interfere. But fortunately Emmett is very creative. He really wants to help the boys anyway he can. He was there and saw all their grief over losing each other in their last life. He's hoping to help them avoid that this time.

When they finally meet, neither can comprehend the feelings they have, then suddenly they're both hit with memories...

"You were my friend.

My lover.

My husband.

My everything.

I don't know how I am going to be able to live without you.

The sudden realization rushed over.

Lips unlocked.




"I remember," a dual unison of words filled the air."

This is a very emotionally charged story, just the fact that they remember their past lives together isn't going to make everything easy, or make their lives perfect. They both have alot of growing and changing to do. Luckily they have very good friends, and Edward's family to help. They realize they can't just rely on their memories to guide them, they have to make their own way, and make new memories. Jaydogrut has done a wonderful job with this story it's very emotional at times, and definitely has some angst, but it's mostly a love story. They have to grow up and take control of their lives, and they're still so young and have so much to learn and experience. Next they'll be graduating, but I wonder how smooth that will go. Seems there's never a dull moment for these boys.

From realizing he's gay to embracing his deep feelings for Jasper, Edward goes through alot of change. For Jasper in some way's it's easier, he knows he's gay, but he's terrified of his father's rejection and abuse. He's surprised by the depth of his feelings for Edward, a boy he's only, thought of as straight. They both are written as very lovable characters that just need a little guidance and support. I love how Jaydogrut weaves in song lyrics at some of the more emotional parts of the story. It just works perfectly. Jaydogrut updates very regularly, usually at least once a week, and this story's author is a male, something sort of rare. He really does a great job. Fallen Angel was just nominated for Best Lemon in The Wordsmith Awards, it really deserves it. Give it a try, you'll fall in love with these boys love story too.


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