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Fate's Hand at Play by: Mama4Dukes

Saturday, March 24, 2012.
Pairing: Seth/ Bella
Rating: M
Status: WIP
Warnings: Rated M for lemons, Language and Violence

Author's Summary: It's wonderful that Seth Clearwater has finally found his imprint. Now, he just has to convince her to stay put in La Push long enough so he can tell her. Fortunately, he has help from a most unlikely source.

 Mama4Dukes is a prolific writer with many wonderful stories. She has the uncanny ability to draw you in and make you a part of the world and the lives of the characters she has created.

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Fate's Hand at Play is one of Mama4Dukes newest fan-fictions, it's three chapters and already captivating  readers. It's funny, emotional and full of all the components that make a great story.

From the first chapter:

Seth's world stopped the moment he looked into Bella Swan's eyes. The earth shattered around him, he swore that angels in heaven were singing, and he was completely mesmerized. His world began and ended with the girl in front of him. He glanced around and noticed that the entire pack was aware that he had just imprinted.

"Hi, I'm..."
"You're the fucker that stole my car yesterday!" she roared.
Well, that wasn't exactly a good start to forever with his imprint.
"I...I...I didn't mean to. It wasn't my fault!" Seth blurted in desperation.

Fate's Hand at Play describes a different set of circumstances that bring Seth and Bella together and a very original take on how they each get to where they are. So far, we've been introduced to the pack and Bella's very own rag-tag family of Vamps. Mama4Dukes is one of my personal favorite FF Authors and Fate's Hand at Play is quickly becoming a favorite read.


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