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Tuesday, January 31, 2012.
Blood In the Snow by Shewoolf
Author Edward Cullen finds a man buried in the snow, nearly beaten to death. Love grows as he cares for the man, but will his attackers find him? Slash, Rated M. Multi-chapter WIP, Edward/Jasper

This story starts out with a bang, popular author Edward Cullen decides to spend the winter at the family's secluded lodge. He's an author, and recently has had a bad case of writer's block and he thinks that being 100 miles away from any interruptions is just what he needs. The only one there with him is Alec, his doberman. While going for a run one morning they make a discovery....

"I caught up with Alec just in time to see him frantically digging in the snow. "What is it, boy?" I joined him in digging. What the hell is that? As I pulled the snow back, I could see what looked like an arm. Shit. Did I just find a body? Alec kept digging, whining frantically. Then I saw the arm move slightly. No, not a body, someone buried in the snow. Alec uncovered a head and I could see that it was a man. His eyes were closed and his skin was bluish. He'd been here a while. At least overnight, since it snowed last night and he was completely covered. I finished digging him out. He was naked and lying in a pool of frozen blood. He had obviously been injured, but I couldn't tell if he'd been in an accident or if someone had purposely done this to him. He was breathing, but it was very shallow. I had to get him back to the lodge and warmed up as soon as I could, or he wasn't going to make it."

This is how he meets Jasper Whitlock, he feels extremely protective of Jasper and that surprises him. He knows nothing about him, not even his name, and mostly he knows nothing about why he is in the shape he's in. Was Jasper in an accident? Did someone do this to him? He has so many quesitons, but mostly he wants to take Jasper home and take care of his injuries, he's covered head to toe with cuts, bruises, cigarette burns, and his arm is broken. Edward cleans him up as best he can, puts a splint on his arm, and waits for him to wake up.

While waiting for Jasper to wake, Edward calls his father Carlisle. He asks his dad if there has been anything in the news about a missing person, he gives him Jasper's description and to his surprise he seems to match the description of a man that was apparently killed in a house fire. Being curious Edward decides to do a little research and soon finds out that Jasper may be connected with the Volturi Family. When he Google's them, he's shocked by what he finds, they've been involved in everything from drugs to human trafficking. Why would Jasper be involved with these horrible people? He can't wait for Jasper to wake up to find out.

Upon waking, the realization that he's on his own hits Jasper really hard, he's in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of winter. With a man he knows nothing about. Can he trust Edward to keep him safe? What happened to his family, are they safe? They both seem somewhat drawn to each other, even though they've just met. Jasper has recently lived his life trying to keep the Volturi away from his family, and keep them safe. The last relationship he was in didn't turn out good at all, when he went to surprise his boyfriend Peter, he was the one that got a surprise. Peter was not who Jasper thought he was at all. Edward has about the same luck in love. He was in a 3 year relationship that they both realized was going nowhere. Recently Jasper has taken solace in books, his only escape from the stress that he deals with daily, thanks to the Volturi. They will have lots of time to get to know each other, as the worst blizzard of the season is on it's way.

The depth of their feelings take both of them by surprise, Edward is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Jasper is safe....

"Holding Jasper in my arms just feels so right. His warm back snuggles close to my chest and I listen to his soft sighs as he slowly starts to relax. Leaning close to his ear, I whisper, "Sleep well, Jazz. I won't leave you." I mumble almost to myself, so quietly I don't think he can hear me, "… not ever."
"Never… please don't let me go, ever", he murmurs.
I let my lips brush the edge of his ear, whispering that I'll never let him go… he'll never be alone again… I won't let anyone hurt him again. I can feel him relaxing as he drifts off to sleep. I hold him close as my mind races. I have to figure out a way to be sure those men can never again get to him. I know I need to call my dad tomorrow. He knows people in influential places that might be able to help. Jasper can't spend the rest of his life in hiding… in fear."

I like how this story is writen, it's definately a slow burn. It's written like a crime drama, we learn that Jasper and his family have been forced into business with the Volturi Family. Not something they liked, or wanted to be involved with. Jasper makes a brave attempt to try to save his parents and hopefully get them all to safety, but things don't go as planned and he finds himself in a very dangerous situation. This is the first slash story that Shewoolf has written, it's very different, and very well written. I hope we get alot more stories from her in the future. She would like to thank Slashkitten Mina for the beautiful banner, and Gabby her pre-reader.


Sarah W. said...

Very Good--Keep up this kind of writing and you will someday have a name for yourself.

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