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Where the heart is by lis.n

Tuesday, November 22, 2011.
Pairing: Edward/Jacob
Rating: MA
Status: WIP
Warnings: Language, violence, and Lemons.

Lis.n wrote this story right after Bella found out about Edward being a vampire thanks to Jacob telling her the legends. The story starts when Jacob is 16 and Bella is 17 (before Jacob had first phased). Edward stays with Bella, but he begins to fall for Jacob. When Jacob first sees Edward after his first shift, he imprints on Edward. Edward invites Jacob to the baseball game and Bella shows up too. The cool part about this scene was that she made it close to the book, but added Jacob into the scene. The three nomads -Laurent, James, and Victoria- show up and James and Edward get into it because of Jacob. When they leave, Victoria senses the connection between Edward and Jacob. Edward finds out that James and Victoria are part of Volturi and now they have something to report back. Edward takes Jacob off to Chicago and they settle in while the other Cullens protect Bella. Throughout the time it takes for Edward and Jacob to get to Chicago, Jacob has some emotional issues because of his father and pack’s reaction to his imprinting on Edward. She does an amazing job changing the pairing from Bella and Edward to Jacob and Edward. Lis wrote her story with Bella and Edward still being together and then Edward and Jacob somewhat still hating each other. With Jacob being Edward’s mate, Edward can’t get enough of touching Jacob, but everytime he does, it freaks Jacob out. Lis doesn’t just throw them together, she works them into the relationship. I have read some Edward and Jacob stories where they were just thrown together and Jacob has been fine with it, but if I was in his position -having to deal with my family hating me and my imprint and a Tracker trying to find me- I know for a fact that I would be emotional, and Lis does a wonderful job at making their relationship realistic. Just reading the story made me jump up and down mad at some of the characters -usually Jacob- and then it also made me want to cry. I mean, Edward loves Jacob and he can’t control himself, but then Jacob can’t handle it because he doesn’t want to lose his father or his pack. He has a ton of responsibilities on one hand and then on the other he has the one that he imprinted on. The choice would be difficult for anyone, but Edward understands and tries to help him. I love that this story shows different emotions. Not a lot of the Edward and Jacob stories I read are serious and flow well, but this one does both. Even though she changes the plot up and switches pairings around, she still uses some good parts of S.M.’s work. In my personal opinion if I could choose between Stephenie’s Twilight, and this version, I would pick this one no doubt. She writes it so well that it seems as if she could be one of the next Stephenies.

~Marie O'Grady


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