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It's Always Rainy In La Push by Ajtotheeds

Thursday, November 24, 2011.
Pairing: Embry & Leah
Rating: M
Status: Completed
Warnings: M for Language and Adult Situations
Summary: Embry and Pack run a small bar in La Push. Egos and bad judgments lead them into trouble, creating awkward situations that usually go from bad to worse.

This is a great story involving the majority of the pack. It's a fun piece that shows the fun side of the pack instead of the seriousness that is portrayed in the books. Even though it's listed as an Embry/Leah pairing they aren't together in this fic.

Embry, Seth and Leah decide to buy a bar in La Push for something to do during their "off time". Leah is treated as a silent partner by Embry and Seth. The dynamic between the boys and Leah is hostile at times but she get's a few quips in here and there. Eventually, one of Embry and Seth's scheme's goes horribly wrong but thankfully no one is hurt.

I immediately liked this story because it is just fun all around. It's a quick read, coming in at just shy of 9,500 words. So, if you are looking for something witty and really show's the almost sibling rivalry between the different members of the pack then this is definitely a story you want to read.


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