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Genetic Lie, Genetic Lines by allred12

Sunday, July 3, 2011.
Characters: Seth & Leah
Rating: T
Complete: One Shot

Summary: "Leah gets schooled in genetics with some help from Seth." The Cullens & Jake both make cameo appearances, too!

I've been on a Seth kick lately, so for my Canon choice this week I did some digging for fun fics starring the Twilight series' best brother-sister combo, Leah and Seth Clearwater! Allred12 has, first of all, an amazing handle on Seth's voice. His hero-worship, his use of logic, his wanting to be truly seen in Leah's eyes, his loyalty to The Pack - all of these are shown subtly and very well in this short piece.

The genetics story-line is also really well done. The idea that Seth wants to help Leah figure out more about herself, Leah's struggle with what it means to be the first female wolf and the repercussions of the change on her biology are all huge questions in Canon that we see dealt with here and I love it!

Plus, there's the delicious back and forth between the brother and sister that we never saw enough of in the books:
The front door opened, and I heard someone put books on the table and slip out of their shoes. "Leah, I'm home" my fifteen year old brother said. He was in summer school because apparently missing days of class so that you could protect your entire tribe from a group of super evil blood suckers wasn't enough reason for an 'excused absence', and also my dork of a brother actually liked his classes.

"Cool, awesome. When you have some radioactive monsters for me to kill, then you can actually call my name", I said. I was bored, but that didn't mean I couldn't think fast and insult my little brother. It was technically my duty to make sure his life didn't become too pleasant.

"Glad to see you too. Wait for me to eat something and then I have something I want to show you", he said. I heard him ruffling around in the kitchen and prepared to get comfortable. When Seth began to eat, it usually took a while for him to finish eating.

My peace was short lived. A few minutes later, Seth came into the living room with a plate and two ham sandwiches on it. He was also carrying a giant roll of paper under his armpit. He took a bite of his sandwich and started talking: "I had some project for my genetics class, and I thought you might want to see it."

"I might be a little more interested in seeing it, if I wasn't seeing the food in your mouth."
Overall, if you like family stories, the Clearwaters, cooperation between the Cullens and the pack, and glimpses of the interaction between The Pack, the vampires, and Jake in particular, this is totally the one shot for you!


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