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Searching for Something by Cullen818

Friday, April 1, 2011.

Searching for Something by Cullen818

Pairing: Peter/Bella

Rated: M

Complete - One Shot

Warnings – Lemons and Language

Summary: Peter finds himself alone and unhappy. He stumbles into a pub in Seattle where he picks up his victims, but he can’t help but notice the lonely human who stares at him night after night. He senses something different about her, but what? Why is she drawn to him? AU, rated M for lemon and mature themes.

Link: Searching For Something

This story was originally written for the We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Coven contest a while back. I stumbled across this little story when I found out I’d be reviewing for the Red Eyes and Royalty segment. Not having read a ton of non-Cullen vamp fics, I had to dive right into the pool and get my proverbial feet wet.

This fic begins with Peter ending up in Seattle on a whim and begins to seek out his prey in a pub filled with lonely inebriated college coeds. He feeds on the hearts and blood of these eager women until one night he realizes he’s being watched.

Meanwhile, Bella’s been living her isolated existence in Seattle ever since Edward left her in the woods. Three years later, she's going to college and trying to be as normal as her broken hearted self can. She watches Peter from afar as he picks up one beautiful woman after another and wondering 'why not me'. At first she just wants him to feed on her, thus eliminating the pain of abandonment she’s been feeling all these years.

A friendship is formed after their initial confrontation and they’re both unsure of where this unusual relationship is going. They both take some missteps along the way, but ultimately find that they’re both scared of needing someone again. But sometimes needing someone isn't the worst thing in the world.

Overall an enjoyable quick read. Check it out.


Cullen818 said...

Thanks so much for rec'ing my little fic. I just loved Peter in this and someday I'm gonna continue it! Glad you liked it:)

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