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For I Am Captured Straight To You by MajestaMoniet

Saturday, April 2, 2011.

Main Characters: Jacob/ Bella/ Embry
Rating: M
Multi-chapter fic – Completed.

Summary: He'd been in love with Bella Swan for two years. He'd been Embry's brother for 17 years. And no matter how the numbers got added up, Jacob was completely screwed.

Jacob has a problem. He likes Bella Swan. What he wasn’t expecting was that Embry liked her, too. And Jacob just can’t admit his interest. So Bella and Embry start dating while Jacob suffers in silence. Things are bound to blow up at some point, aren’t they?

I can say that Majesta writes the best Jacob’s inner voice ever. Hands down. It makes it almost enjoyable to watch him suffer and struggle so he can keep both his friends without messing everything up. Even if he really hates Embry sometimes.

            I also have to admit that I’m often reluctant to read a fic in which Bella isn’t paired up with Jacob. You know that I’m running with the losing ship and that I have difficulties imagining her with anyone else but Jake. But I decided to give this story a try because let’s face it, Majesta is a wonderful author. And I wasn’t disappointed. First, the story doesn’t give lots of details about Bella and Embry’s relationship since most of the narrative concentrates on Jacob and his feelings. I was okay from this point of view. You get to hurt with him, or to wish that he would just admit his feelings instead of lying all the time so things can remain peaceful.

            And let’s face it. I love Embry. Of course I love Embry. It’s hard not to love him. But this is the kind of fic that can make you change your mind for a few hours. Of course there were times during the fic when I kind of liked the idea of him with Bella but overall, I couldn’t stand the fact that he was stealing what should have been Jacob’s. But in the end, I decided that I couldn’t hate Embry for too long. He’s Embry after all. Everybody loves Embry!!

            One last thing and after that, I leave you to read FIACSTY (because it’s way faster to write it this way). I find the story very original. I mean, we all know that guys or girls can ruin friendships but I’d never seen it being done this way. Leave it to Majesta to find a perfect plot yet again. Besides, the story only had 7 chapters (or parts) so it won’t take you long to appreciate it. And trust me, you will! :)



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