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A Crimson Change by Rubiconqueen

Friday, April 15, 2011.

A Crimson Change By Rubiconqueen

Pairing: Bella/Peter

Rating: M

Warnings: Lemons and Language

Summary: Bella's life was irrevocably changed by the vampires who left her behind. Alone in the world now, she finds herself drawn to another. Fighting for her life has changed her and now, the new family she has found will change her as well...

Link: A Crimson Change

When I started my search for this week’s fic, I decided I’d start with those that featured Peter just to see what I would find. It didn’t take long for me to discover this little jem. From the first paragraph, I was happy to see that it was well written and the tone of the story was described beautifully right from the start.

Now, I had to laugh, since I think just about every story I’ve reviewed so far has been a post New Moon setting and this one is as well. I promise to try to find something else for next time. This one is set a few years after that fateful day in the forest only this time Bella family has been destroyed, several members of the Pack have died in an attempt to save her and she’s been bitten two additional times in her battles with the venom being sucked out each time preventing her change. The story veers a little in that the little venom left in her system has changed her human form slightly which she doesn’t really realize until her two new vampire sidekicks meet up with her.

She notices Garrett sitting in the bar she works at and with no fear of what his presence could mean, whisper shouts at him knowing he would be able to hear her over the din of the crowd.
"Hey vamp boy." I sneered, watching as his body stiffened, "Yeah you, you sparkly assed mother fucker. If you are here scouting out a meal, you better rethink your choice in dining establishments. You are not gonna be taking any of these shitheads here on my watch. However, if you are here as a favor to that redheaded cuntpire you can scurry your way back to her bat cave with a message for me. If she really wants me she can come and get me herself. She really needs to quit sending her little stalkers and minions to do her dirty work. Either way, I don't care what you are here for." I turned around and faced him head on. "I will light you up like Griswold's Christmas tree if you don't get the fuck out. You don't like it? You can suck it." I spat at him, tapping two fingers at the pulse point on my neck.
As you can see from the above excerpt, Bella is a bit of a bad ass and rightfully so after you discover all that she has had to endure over the last few years of her life. Peter and Garrett become friends and protectors all the while Bella tries to sort out her overwhelming feelings for Peter. I don’t want to spoil much of the story for you, but I will say that so far Jasper has shown up receiving a less than warm welcome. The story is engaging and entertaining in a way that made me not want to stop reading chapter after chapter. If you’re looking for a quick paced, enjoyable read, then check this one out.


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